Fan Comments


"You have a new fan! Dude your tunes are awesome! I'm not sure if you read your fan mail but I had to write anyway because I'm so impressed with your music. I'm a singer-songwriter, producing all my own stuff. I can only hope to someday bring my work to the lofty level the way your tunes float in the stratosphere. The lyrics, the music, the production, your vocals...all I can say is wow you are an inspiration." 
Mark K. (Houston, USA)  

"I had you in my corner, it's all behind me now! You find some other way, some other guy, to let you down" these words spoke VOLUMES to me having been in similar situations. Your music is phenomenal! I'm a fan!   Narado F 

What a marvelous track (Soldiers).Very inventive instrumentation and arrangement. I was mesmerized by the melody and wonderful vocal performance. This reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s work. This is an outstanding composition. I love creativeness music of this type…Simply enjoyed listening to this track. 
Al M. (NV USA )

I really like your songs, it all starts there, great vocals, full of emotion and most importantly great lyrics, and it's the conviction to those lyrics that distinguishes great artists. You've got them all going at the same time not to mention the instrumentation which is tailor made to give all your songs that life. 
Evan K. (Toronto, ON) 

Hi Eddie, I loved your songs and I love your sound. Fabulous ! 
Joyce C  (IN USA )

-- you've got an incredible voice, very dramatic. 
Jordana J (OR USA)

I have listened to this album (Somewhere Over Mars) many times over the past few years. Fire And The Fog is my favorite - I can't understand how it's not a HUGE Canadian hit!! (Africa a close second). Regards, 
Dave S (Winnipeg MN) 

Really enjoyed "Black As the Rose," nice moody vibe to it. Very catchy, radio-friendly alt rock. I hear a bit of Peter Gabriel's style in there. Very well played and produced. Gets a scorching hot vote from me. 
Bill W (SC USA) 

Hi Eddie, I enjoy your killer material. Ya sound great !! 
Ron S (MI USA) 

Eddie, I have always been a fan and the songs just get better! Best wishes. 
John G (FL USA)

you have some great music here 'Fire and the Fog' is fantastic very refreshing. All the best Danny. 
Danny  H  (Hitchin UK )

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic vocals melody & Music! Did I forget to say I love this music??? 
5 stars for you! 
Steven S (MO USA )

Nice use of sound effects in the intro (Africa) Nice solid beat and great vocal. Kind of K street band meets Peter Gabriel. Excellent story telling, an awesome track! 
The Raingod, very sweet ballad, a picture perfectly painted with delicate instrumental brush strokes and wonder vocal hues. 
Ed D (OR USA) 

Universal Sign, Beautiful song ... voice and music ...very well done. Best wishes to you. 
Santa W (Cape Town, South Africa

""Beguiled" is such a great song, I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy listening to it!!" 
Ken R. (Louisiana, USA) 

For anyone who hasn't heard Eddie's music you really have to listen to it. He is a brilliant song writer and lyricist.

Mark G (California, USA)  

"I just wanted to let you know that  I got the CD the other day and added the song immediately. It's now in our regular rotation & it's actually come up in my morning show twice since I added it"  (on Universal Sign) 
Sean M.  morning announcer, (CJLS, Yarmouth, N.S.) 

"...your "Universal Sign" song was absolutely great. The music,your vocals, the whole picture of your talent really shines through. I'm not musical talented in any way, but I do know and enjoy great music." 
Jodie S. (Melbourne, Australia) 

".....and I think your music is OUTSTANDING. I am a huge fan of europop anyway, and your music is like a breath of fresh air to me. I especially loved "Hands on the gun" and "Wish it would end".....thank you!!" 
Sincerely, Nathan P (Kentucky, USA)  

...beautiful job on this amazing song...(Africa) it should have been the theme song at the world cup few years ago...time for it to get the recognition it deserves!!! I Love this could go viral !!!   

Patricia J (London ON)

 I heard your song "London's Burning", already love it!

Michi S. (Munich, Germany)

 I got the tip from a friend of mine last week. He played the song "Wish it would end" to me. And wow!! What a great song!! I like the voice, the kind of singing and also the guitar. One of my best AOR songs in the last years. And I hear a lot of melodic rock songs. It was a great pleasure to found and order the CD directly on your web site. This is always the best way to support musicians. All the best for the future und greetings from Munich, Germany 

Thomas J (Munich, Germany)

 I know your music from friends, who run a music website through the song "Wish It Would End". By the way, a great song. In the eighties it would have been a world hit! I will continue to follow your music. Keep it up, it's very good music and you have a pleasant, super voice.Regards from Munich 

Alfons B. (Munich, Germany)