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Hello and welcome. This is my music, artistically this is who I am. Those of you visiting that have an affinity to what you hear, my sincerest thanks for we have something in common. I write how I feel, not for radio or because I think it could be a hit. I like to think there's integrity in what I do. Don't get me wrong I want as much success as the next person and I need fans support as much as anyone else, but it has to be through communication and honesty. If you listen to what I write and think "yeah I get where you're coming from" that's important to me because it puts a foundation under my work, it gives it meaning, it gives me a reason to continue doing what I do.

Proper Snobs

Proper Snobs consists of Eddie Carrigan and Rob Richards. Rob and myself have been friends for many years. We've been in many different projects together, and our destiny has been whittled down to Proper Snobs.

It's something we're extremely excited about, and are chewing at the bit to get it off the ground. We have released our debut album "Thoughts", and have written all the songs for our upcoming album "Art Of Illusion".

As independent artists, we have to fund everything ourselves, which can be more than challenging at times. And with Proper Snobs being a new project, we have to build our fan base one fan at a time. Proper Snobs will eventually become our live act, and we have big plans for it. Of course, in order to get this show on the road, we're going to need as much help as we can in building our fan base substantially.. That's where you come in. If you like our music and want to become more involved with our journey, then please sign up to Proper Snobs email list and support us by purchasing our music.
Proper Snobs 

A recently released  14 song album, titled "Thoughts"



New Album "Thoughts"

New Album "Thoughts"

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